Solutions suited to your company

A typical first major service to businesses.

Following a brief theoretical instruction section, we analyze the markets, expansion potentials, strong and weak points of the company, and then outline and set up the structure of your business.

While forming up the structure we review the operation of the company by keeping these three major viewpoints in mind:

1. reinforcing areas that have been doing well,
2. correcting and remedying areas that have been doing poor,
3.forming up areas that are essential to the achievement of the goals but have been totally missing so far.

"The consultation gave me much more than I planned for, and will bring in at least 20 times what it cost me."
Bela Markovich
Mapei Kft.

We form up, reinforce and make such areas and concepts understood as getting new customers, keeping them once brought in, collecting outstanding funds, legal functions, production preparations, quality control, etc. Each and every one of these are indispensable for the success of any business.

The end result of the service is a well-thought up, transparent company operation that can accomplish the purposes of the business.

In contrast to other systems this structure does not attempt to bring order by focusing on quality control or creating a hierarchy only, but builds a real, live organizational setup that can factually accomplish the goals of the business.


Depending on business size the service can be completed in 10-14 days.