Individual Tailor-Made Services

Financial / Economic Systems

A tailor made service as per the individual client's needs.

A financial system in a company provides the resources with which the company can be operated, thus forwarding the goals and purposes of the owner or management of the company.
What will make the financial/economic situation of YOUR company outstandingly stable?

Forming up The Company Structure

A tailor-made service as per the individual client's needs.

This is typically the first major service delivered to Clients. There are certain indispensable functions and areas in any business.
We find these in the target company, form them up, make them tangible for the people and reinforce them once they are set up in the company. The end result of the service is a well thought-up company operational structure that can achieve the business goals of the company.
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Stock and Pricing Policies

A tailor-made service as per the individual client's needs.

How can you increase profits?
How can you get out of the rat race of ever cutting prices?

Management Information System

A tailor-made service as per the individual client's needs.

An absolutely essential tool to meaningful management to reach the planned goals exactly and to avoid business dead-ends.

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Sales Force

You need an effective Sales system!

But there exists a higher plane of sales way above these systems. This is a service you would never want your competitors to find out about... 

Efficiency Training

Why do you feel sometimes as if you have accomplished nothing despite having worked real hard the whole day?

By the use of simple, immediately usable tools we can easily bring up the efficiency level for ourselves and our staff.
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Business Success Consulting

Services delivered in workshop format.

The focus of these service packages is to bring about long-term stabilization. This service has the end result of bringing your company up to the level where you as the owner can safely step back from your daily company duties and commitments while the company never stops generating income.

Filling-in-the-Holes Business Seminars

How can you tell from the public records of your competitor if he is solvent? Do you know how long he still will be a threat to you in the same market?

You simply can't afford not to see the crystal clear picture on the financial scene today.
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Preparing to Sell My Company

If you are about to sell your company why not get the best price for it?

Prepare your company for sale the best way by taking care of the aspects that interest the potential buyers the most!

Life Goal Consulting

This is a very unique and personal consultation.

It helps you find the career direction where you can best utilize all the talents you have got and where you have the greatest chance of becoming successful and winning.
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